Todd Sattersten and Jack Covert have added Karen Berman and Joe Knight’s book “Financial Intelligence” to their list of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time! See the news here.

Building Financial Intelligence for your Employees, Managers, and Leaders

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We offer customized classes that ensure everyone understands how financial success is measured in your organization.

Greater financial intelligence, we’ve learned, not only focuses everyone on how to contribute to the company’s financial success, it also helps people feel more involved and committed to their organization and their work. Financially intelligent managers are able to read financial results, analyze business decisions, and identify the artful aspects of finance.

Financial intelligence doesn’t stop with book learning. Like most disciplines and skill sets, finance for managers must be practiced and applied in the real world. This finance for managers guide will help your senior team to truly understand the metrics that drive the organization — and then drive them.

Financial Intelligence outlines finance for managers to give them the knowledge and power required to make solid business decisions, critically evaluate options, and create a strong, balanced organization.

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