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Building Financial Intelligence for your Employees, Managers, and Leaders

To learn more about building financial intelligence in your organization, visit www.business-literacy.com or call 818-591-5955.

We offer customized classes that ensure everyone understands how financial success is measured in your organization.

Greater financial intelligence, we’ve learned, not only focuses everyone on how to contribute to the company’s financial success, it also helps people feel more involved and committed to their organization and their work. Financially intelligent managers are able to read financial results, analyze business decisions, and identify the artful aspects of finance.

Financial intelligence doesn’t stop with book learning. Like most disciplines and skill sets, finance for managers must be practiced and applied in the real world. This finance for managers guide will help your senior team to truly understand the metrics that drive the organization — and then drive them.

Financial Intelligence outlines finance for managers to give them the knowledge and power required to make solid business decisions, critically evaluate options, and create a strong, balanced organization.

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Financial Intelligence
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Financial Intelligence Book
Financial Intelligence Book




A Manager’s Guide to Knowing What
the Numbers Really Mean

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100 Best Business Books of All Time

About the book

Financial Intelligence was written because Joe and Karen could not find a book they felt good about recommending to their Fortune 500 training clients. The books weren’t written the way they trained.

Based on training tens of thousands of managers and employees at many leading organizations. Financial Intelligence provides readers with a deep understanding of:

  • The basics of financial measurement: reading income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and more
  • The art of finance: separating hard data from assumptions and estimates, where the numbers come from
  • The mechanics of analysis: calculating ratios, return on investment, and working capital
  • Cash and profit: knowing how these terms differ, and why cash is suddenly the “hot” number in corporate boardrooms and on Wall Street
  • Financial literacy and transparency: recognizing how they can boost performance

“CFOs who want to promote financial literacy among the non-financial managers they work with might consider recommending this book. It reads easily without dumbing down, and it’s comprehensive. It’s like The Elements of Style of finance.”

CFO Magazine

Financial Intelligence Book

“What I like best about Financial Intelligence is the fact that I can read the book and never see the words debit or credit.”

The 100 Best Business Books of All Time

“CFOs who want to promote financial literacy among the non-financial managers they work with might consider recommending this book. It reads easily without dumbing down, and it’s comprehensive. It’s like The Elements of Style of finance.”

CFO Magazine

The Authors

Dr. Karen Berman was co-founder and president of the Business Literacy Institute.

She was a sought-after expert in the fields of business and financial literacy. Clients praised her ability to understand their business and develop meaningful and engaging programs.

(June 1962 – July 2013)

Dr Karen Berman
Joe Knight

Joe Knight is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Business Literacy Institute.

His keynote addresses, including The Love Affair With EBITDA and The Secrets of Finance Revealed, are resounding successes with divers audiences because of his unique ability to combine content with energy and humor.

John Case is a veteran observer and analyst of the business world and a nationally known writer on entrepreneurship and management.

He is author or coauthor of six books and collaborator on several others, and he has written for a wide variety of periodicals.

John Case

What's inside

  1. The Art of Finance (and Why It Matters)
  2. The (Many) Peculiarities of the Income Statement
  3. The Balance Sheet Reveals the Most
  4. Cash Is King
  5. Ratios: Learning What the Numbers Are Really Telling You
  6. How to Calculate (and Really Understand) Return on Investment
  7. Applied Financial Intelligence: Working Capital Management
  8. Creating a Financially Intelligent Company
Financial Intelligence Book

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